(below) Annie,Van Dyke brown photograph, 2020
I remember so many things we did: linoleum cuts and clay masks and cast pewter jewelry. Contour drawings of the fantastic still life Mr. Hodge had set up. A field trip to the green house to draw plants. A plaster mold of aquatic sea life.
I continue to this day to find enjoyment in art. I got a BFA from the University of MN in 1982 in drawing and painting and worked in publishing for many years as a graphic designer in Mpls/St.Paul. Today I’m working on alternative photography projects involving film pinhole cameras and contact printing methods including cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown. 
Below left to right: Quanset Hut, South Dakota, Van Dyke brown photograph, 2021; Grain Elevator South Dakota, Van Dyke brown photograph, 2021; Guggenheim, Van Dyke brown photograph, 2020

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