(above) Cheesecake Factory interior design, Macau China, 2019
This submission is a restaurant for The Cheesecake Factory, where I had a 20-year career in design and development. Until my retirement in 2022, I was Associate Director of International Development and worked to create the design for and manage the construction of new restaurants in international locations. This project was done in collaboration with our partners in China: Maxims. It is located in Macau. I was responsible for creative direction, which included conceptual design, critique of designs by our team and management of design execution from initial site selection to opening. This first image is of the interior shop front.
(above, left) Cheesecake Factory storefront design, Macau China, 2019
(above, center) Cheesecake Factory interior design, Macau, China, 2019
(above, right) Cheesecake Factory storefront design, Macau, China, 2019

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