These images were submitted by Cilla Kimberly's husband, Jerry Lasky, on her behalf. He wrote, "My wife, Cilla Kimberly died in 2018. Several times, she told me about the art teacher who inspired her and taught her the craft. She drew through high school, then took a break during college and her career. She always said that she was going to take up art when she retired. And she did, with classes and with great dedication. She would disappear into her room for several hours at a time. The results are the detailed Prismacolor pencil drawings that you see here." You can see more of Cilla's work at
Cilla Kimberly graduated from Campus School in 1969. 

(above) Approach to Bryant Lodge, Prismacolor pencil, 2013

(above) Caretaker's Hut at Fort Buoux, Prismacolor pencil, 2011

(above) As Good As It Gets, Prismacolor pencil, 2013

(above) Field in Saint-Remy in the style of Van Gogh, oil, 2011

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