(above) Carousel #2, acrylic, 1963
(below left) '64 Falcon with Class, pastel
(below right) White Horse Railroad, acrylic, 1971
(below) In the 1990's, David Hodge created this graphite drawing and an extensive series of block prints of Amish farms and homesteads.
(below) In the 1960's, Hodge explored landscapes using a variety of styles.
(below, first row, left to right) Foot Bridge, acrylic, 1965, from the collection of Russ Moldenhauer; Iowascape, acrylic, 1964, from the collection of Vera Swanson; Landscape, 1968, from the collection of the University of Nebraska; Winter Landscape, acrylic, 1967
(below, second row, left to right) Alaska Highway, acrylic, 1966, from the collection of the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Brooks Range #2, acrylic, 1966; Jekyll Island, watercolor on canvas, 1967; Ninilchik, Alaska, oil, 1968
(below) The figure has often been a subject in David Hodge's paintings and drawings throughout his career.
(below left to right) Tumbling Nude, pencil, 1964; Art for Heart Fund, acrylic, 1966; Dance Movement, graphite, 1961, from the collection of Marilyn Berens, Great Northwestern, acrylic, 1969, from the collection of Bill and Louise Booth
(below) David Hodge's studies of still life compositions reflect his interest in bringing unique and various still lives into his students' classroom to ignite their creativity.
(below left to right) Still Life #1, oil, 1963; Still Life, oil, 1963; Still Life, oil, 1964, from the collection of Jim and Sonja Hillestad
(below) Nostalgic Window Box, drawing and assemblage, 1968

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